Millan Solicitors act as Mentors for students

At Millan solicitors we are good at motivating and encouraging students. We regularly take on school and Law students and provide them with as much experience as possible in relation to a career in law. We realise that it is our duty to encourage and mentor these members of the community. We have recently been accredited with the National Quality Standards for work Experience by Bradford Education. We take an interest in students, whether they are from school or university. We encourage them to build their confidence and improve their legal skills.

Students have been taking placements with Millan Solicitors since 2004 and we are humbled by the delightful students who come into our lives for a short period showing such enthusiasm for life. Students that have done work experience at Millan Solicitors have left from here with high expectation into the life of Law and have been given a huge insight of what working in a practical Law firm is like.  We give a chance to all students to gain the experience they need in an office environment.

Students from Bradford College attend our offices for one day per week over the teaching year from September to June. The firm benefits from their enthusiasm in learning new skills and we have an extra person to help with administrative tasks. As we are a small firm every student benefits from having a key role in the office. They attend to clients in reception, answer the telephone and draft legal documents. 

Students are mentored by Goldie Millan who says "if by mentoring these students I inspire them to dream more, learn more and achieve more I have made a memorable contribution to their lives."