Cases Information

We at Millan Solicitors have extensive experience of handling litigation cases.

We set out below a sample of the cases we have successfully resolved in our client’s favour.



Delayed completion

We have secured compensation for clients where completion did not take place once the exchange deadline had passed.

Road Traffic Accidents and Accidents at work

We make sure that reasonable settlements are reached for victims of negligence and have settled thousands of personal injury claims. Goldie Millan is a member of the Law society Personal Injury Panel.

Clinical/Dental negligence

We have successfully settled negligence claims against medical professionals.

Professional negligence

Professionals you deal with such as your solicitor have a duty of care to look after your best interests. We can help if you have lost out financially as a result of their negligence. These type of matters can be resolved without the need of going to Court and Claims are not defended by the solicitors themselves, but by their insurers. We have successfully negotiated claims for professional negligence actions.

Partnership disputes/Breach of contract

Have you lost out financially from a partnership? Has your business partner not followed their contractual obligations? We have been successful for our clients, recovering compensation for breach of contract.


Road traffic Accident/Negotiations

Are you being sued for something that is not your fault? Contact us as we have successfully defended claims against our clients.



Have you or your family been refused a visa? Have you been refused entry or settlement? We have made successful applications and won appeals, a sample of these include

  1. Dependants/Grandparents/Parents/Siblings
  2. Carers
  3. Children
  4. Spouses /civil partnership
  5. Students

We can help to bring your family closer together. We also specialise in deportation cases and Judicial Review.

Contact a solicitor with family values and receive first hand treatment from those solicitors that can connect with you.