Diary of a Lawyer

Goldie Millan is delighted to announce the publication of her first novel, “Diary of a Lawyer”

I remember when I was at school I told my teacher I wanted to be a vet. He simply said, “Forget that, you are good at writing and communicating. Law is a better career option for you. Work hard and you will succeed” I followed his advice.

I was admitted to the Roll of Solicitors in 1995. Upon qualification as a Solicitor I came back to Leeds, West Yorkshire, where I grew up. In 2004 I set up Millan Solicitors in Bradford which is where I still remain. I specialise in Personal injury/ Civil Litigation. I also undertake immigration and family work. I am a rare breed of Solicitor who takes on more than one specialism.

I have always wanted to write a novel. “Diary of a Lawyer” is a novel that I have been working on for more than a year. I think it is important to have experience of life before you start to write. I take on law students regularly for work placements and they all seem to have this glamorous idea of the law and Lawyers. I have to bring them back to reality by giving them shredding to do.

“Diary of a Lawyer” was my way of bringing mystery and glamour back into the Law. At the moment, Lawyers seem to be taking a hammering from all corners so this was my way of saying, “hang on in there, the Law is still a great profession”.

I set the novel in Leeds. The main character, Liberty Deller lives in Horsforth, Leeds and her employer is a firm of Solicitors based in Leeds centre. I chose Leeds because it is a place that I love and know well as I grew up there.

It transpires that Warren & Hunter is controlled by two brothers nicknamed the “Yorkshire Terriors” who have an army of robed men called the “Prohibitors”.

Liberty's life is in danger as the Robed men start to shadow her. She does not know who they are and why they would want the old book her father left her. There are many incidents when they try and kidnap her or harm her but she proves too smart for them. It transpires that the book her father bequeathed her is as valuable as the Magna Carta. It is the secret Roll of the Protectors of Justice who are led by Lady Justice. It was set up at the same time as the Magna Carta. There are two types of robed men: The Protectors who represent justice and the Prohibitors who represent injustice. The latter are after the Book of Breaches which was kept by Liberty's father where he recorded all of the major breaches taking place within Warren & Hunter.

Amidst the chaos of work and running from the Robed men she realises that her mother is suffering from a mental illness and Liberty does her best to care for her mother during this time. She forms a strong friendship with Trevor Lloyd who works in the same department and he confides in her the secrets of the firm.

This Diary tells the story of a young person’s struggle between right and wrong, integrity and dishonesty. Her own life will be in danger and on many occasions she does not know what to do. She turns to her father in her Diary to help her fit together the pieces of the puzzle behind his death.

The idea behind the novel was never one that just came to me. I remember doing some research on writing skills and the best tip was start with a character, give that character a compelling problem and then make things happen! I created Liberty Deller and then the other characters slotted into her life. I started writing the novel in the third person and after a few months changed it to the first person in a Diary format and then it started to flow. Writing the novel has certainly been a learning curve because you realise that it is hard work! Also it is about imagination and creativity and after spending all day reading legal textbooks and caselaw, it can be difficult to switch on the creativity cells!

The book is on sale on Amazon. I set the price at £6.47 so that Law students could afford to buy it! Extracts are also available to read on wattpad on the internet for free.