Our Fees

Our fees are fixed (no vat payable)

Your work will be dealt with by Goldie Millan, a Solicitor who qualified in 1995 who will complete and submit your application within 14 days of receiving instructions ( as long as you provide all the information requested).

Our fixed fees are clear and transparent which means you know what you are paying from the start.


Further leave to remain application: £350

Settlement application: £400

British Nationality: £350

Spouse entry clearance (including online form): £500

Appeal against Home office Decision : £1,000.


Basic Divorce (no disputes about children or property and finance) : £500.

Child arrangements application: £500

General Advice : £20.00 for 30 minutes appointment with Solicitor.

We can advice you on the court process or legal procedures so that you can proceed as a Litigant in Person.